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Votes and Beans

I voted today.

I love voting. I give a big fist pump in the air after I press the "Submit Ballot" vote on the machine. It's like I won. Chalk one up for democracy, I guess.

I made sure to get a sticker when I left. After all, nothing makes voting worth it like a free sticker that I'll wear for a few hours, only to be seen by myself as I head back to the office for a few hours of writing.

Except that I decided to swing by Crema after I left, which is the closest coffee shop to where I voted. Crema, by the way, makes the best tasting cup of coffee in Nashville. The best.

And, as I stopped by to support Rachel Lehman's venture while getting a nice caffeine kick for the afternoon, she let me know that since I was sporting my "I Voted" sticker, I got a free cup of coffee.

Much like Ben and Jerry will be offering with ice cream in a few weeks, Rachel's hooking up democracy lovers in Nashville with a free drink.

Democracy is delicious.

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