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Wanna Trade?

Your real values go on display the moment you start to trade, not the moment you start to earn.

Here's what I mean: You can work a job that pays you lots of money. That sounds lovely and you'll probably work hard and your bank account will look awesome. But your value doesn't lie in that paycheck. Your value is in what you've given up - traded - to earn that cash.

And it continues. Once that money is in your account, you'll start trading it for stuff or experiences, once again demonstrating what it is that's important to you. Maybe you go on some sweet vacations, install a wonderful high definition TV, or get matching place settings for 16 and host knockout dinner parties. 

The value is in the trade. Trades tell us (and others) what's important because it's where we swap what we've gained for what we want. Trades are ambitious. They are future and forward thinking. Trades showcase the kind of person we want to be.

So what are you trading today? What are you swapping your 24 hours for? What are you trading in your earnings for? Who is it you want to become?

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