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We Lion Kinged It

Thanks to the generosity of the parents, Lynnette and I took in the Lion King last night at TPAC. I'm not really a musical-play-Broadway kind of guy, so I was expecting the movie just to be played out on stage. I had heard rave reviews, but I was really just hoping I wouldn't be bored.

The first number – no, the first note (sung by Rafiki) – had me captivated. The entrance sequence, when the animals parade down the aisles and assemble en masse on stage is worth the price of admission. I could have watched the first 10 minutes for hours on end.

The color of the costumes, the talent of the actors and the visual appeal of the set made me more that simply 'not bored.' I was impressed, and even remarked to Lynnette this morning that we should go see it again tonight.

There are a LOT of songs, however. Yes, I know it's a musical and that's what they do in musicals, but most of the new tunes aren't of the same caliber as the cartoon soundtrack. As such, the only part that really drags is the beginning of the second act (which is true of the other musicals I''ve seen – both of them). But soon enough, things pick up and we all know how the story ends.

I'm not necessarily won over by the simple novelty that is the musical, but I'm a bit more willing to catch a show when we head to NYC for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Take your friends and family to this one.

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