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Weekly Challenge: Play Like You Mean It

Watch a child play with a toy they love. When you do, you'll see them lean into the playing, going all out with pure fun and determination. They don't care who's watching or listening as they pretend to fly to the moon, serve tea to stuffed animals, or build the tallest tower in the world. Play is their job, and it's beautiful to watch.

There's no reason we can't play like it's our job, too. That's when the real fun sets in anyway. When we start to play with a purpose - the purpose of relaxation and refueling - we find ourselves happier and more liberated than ever. If we took time off as seriously as we take our time on, I bet we'd all enjoy life much more.

This week, play like you mean it. Don't worry about who's watching you throw a Frisbee, read a book, or laugh with friends. Commit to your free time this week and remember what it was like to play like a kid.

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