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What Pulls You?

There are far too many things pushing you. Pressure at home and at work, society's expectations, debt, a seeming lack of options. All of these things can weigh heavy on your heart and while a push can be a heck of a motivation, it really only works best when you're jumping out of a plane or off of the high dive. Sure, it gets the job done, but your heart's not in it.

Seek what pulls you.

There is an allure to the pull. When your heart is pulled in a certain direction, fear seems to disappear. Something bigger than yourself is calling, beckoning, pulling you to be better than yourself.

You want to follow the pull. You want to chase after it. The pursuit of what pulls you is a great end in itself. When you run after what is pulling you - instead of running from what is pushing you - it's like you can run forever. The breath of freedom fills your lungs and your legs keep pounding the pavement, feet chasing after one another as you head off towards the horizon in pursuit of one great big dream.

It's easy to find what's pushing you. Whenever you feel stressed, nervous, sick, or scared, you're being pushed. When you feel nauseous (in a good way), relieved, excited, and hopeful, you're being pulled.

I hope your heart is open enough to be pulled. Sometimes, when it's been pushed too much, it can close up, confusing any external force as a push, missing out on the pull. It takes real courage to trust again in the hope that you'll be pulled.

There is no better feeling than being pulled. It keeps you up late so you can work on your passion, convinces you to mortgage your present to cash in on your future, and persuades you to embrace your unique dreams as only you can. Listen to your soul so you can know when you're being pulled. Then, untether yourself from everything that's been pushing you so you can be linked to the one thing your heart desires.

Dare something to pull you.

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