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What's Available

The number one reason that leaders burn out is because they use all the strength they have instead of all the strength they have available

Here's the difference:
Using all the strength you have saps you. It'll wear you down. Whether it's late nights, early mornings (or both), coming up with idea after creative idea, pleading with people to come alongside and lend a hand - whatever you do, you'll eventually run out of time and energy (or both). 

And then you'll be exhausted and just want to quit so you can take a nap. You used everything you had.

But you didn't use everything you had available. Recognizing and then leveraging what's available means you can call on the help of others. You can glean wisdom from others' insights and inspiration from their stories. There are people in your company and on your team who can shoulder some burdens for you or take on new responsibilities, probably doing some great work in the process. So why would you not draw upon this great bank account of assistance, using instead only what's in your wallet?

It would be like making dinner using only what's in the fridge and ignoring the pantry.

Or thinking that the shoe sample is the only size you can buy (they have more in the back). 

You'd never be limited to what's right in front of you in so many regular situations. So why do we do this as leaders?

But here's why this really matters.

When we plan based on the strength we have, our dreams stay limited. But when we plan based on all the strength we have available, our dreams get big. There is so much more we can do.

This week, as you're planning and scheming, don't limit yourself or your team to the strength you have. Based your ambitious plans on all that's available to you.

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