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When Your Heart Speaks

When we're used to mixed messages, subversive advertising, and misunderstood communication, we often don't know what to do when we receive a message that is loud and clear, unmistakable in its instructions to us. Rarely are people direct and concise with us. If we hear something that is, we're not sure how to respond.

This is why it's so hard to follow your heart.

When your heart speaks, it pulls no punches or wraps its intent in veiled imagery or opaque wording. It states what it wants and then expects you to follow.

When your heart speaks, it doesn't use metaphors or similes, illustrations or even hyperbole. It is direct, clear, convincing, and true.

When your heart speaks, you may as well listen. Doing so won't be an adventure in understanding; it will be a challenge in acting.

When your heart speaks, its voice is unmistakable. No other input in your life is so honest with you.

When your heart speaks, you have to listen. To do anything else would be betrayal of the worst kind, the betrayal of who you're destined to become.

When your heart speaks, the voices of competing interests are silenced in a breath. Truth will do that. Your heart doesn't need to scream. It simply whispers what needs doing and every distraction runs at its revelatory message.

When your heart speaks, follow where it leads, for there's no guarantee of when it will say something again.

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