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Where is Heaven?

Jeffrey asks,

do you think the traditional understand of Heaven, i.e. a PLACE you go when you die, is too narrow itself?


Jesus said the Kingdom of God is "within you", "has already come", etc. What if "heaven" is really more of a different realm of existence available in the NOW (and for eternity, for that matter)? What if it is simply and wonderfully living LIFE in the constant spiritual connectedness with God?

I agree. I think we try to make heaven a place because that's what we need as temporal humans - a place to go to, see, be in, and protect. As a consequence, we've bought into what was intended as pure metaphor. We then salivate over golden streets, gates made of pearls, and thick walls. We want it so bad that we'll do lots of things to keep folks out. And instead of buying into Jesus' ideas like Jeffrey mentions, we've made people say certain prayers, live certain ways, and associate with certain people.


I really hope heaven isn't like this. If it is, as soon as we get there, we'll dig up the streets to sell on the free market to the highest bidder. We'll tear down the gates (only temporarily) to finance building thicker walls out of steel or brick.

I think Jeffrey's idea of heaven as being present within us is a valuable one, and a much-needed perspective for many people.