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Who's in your top 5?

"I'm in mouring," said the voice on the other end of the phone after I picked it up.

I thought it was some sentimental artist thing about 9/11. Nope. She'd lost her job.

We talked for a bit about her next moves and possible options, both hoping for the best, but fearing and preparing for the worst. I told her to send me her resume and that I'd try my best to keep my ear open for something that might fit.I immediately started brainstorming things we could work on together.

She thanked me and then said, "You're on my list of five people to call if something happens - big, bad, exciting or otherwise."

I was a little suprised and definitely touched. This wasn't some stupid cell phone gimmick. This was real life.

If you don't have a list of five people that you could call who would try their best to listen and lend a hand, then stop what you're doing. It's not as important as forming a circle of five people you trust, respect, admire and are willing to do something for.

Leave work and go build your community. When the former is gone, the latter is all you'll have.

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