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Why I'm not watching the presidential debates

Binders of women. The 47%. Bank bailouts. The middle class.

We're quick to find buzzwords and catchphrases, turn them into tweets and memes, and then get a chuckle as we dig our heels deeper, picking sides and counting down the days until it's all said and done and a new or returning president can claim victory.

In the midst of all this, I'm not watching any of the debates. In what seems to be one of the last remaining communal TV rituals with millions of people tuning in while activating multiple screens, I'm nowhere near a moderator or issue.

I'm working.

Yes, I'm going to vote. And I already know who I'm picking. And this is the main reason I'm not tuning in. I know that nothing either candidate could say or do would change my vote. So why waste the time watching, knowing that whatever either says will only reinforce my current viewpoint? Frankly, this is validation I don't need.

Tim Ferriss is a fan of the low-information diet and if you're hustling in order to chase a dream like Obama and Romney are hustling to call The White House their home, then you need all the time you can get. If your mind is made up about the election, reading opinion pieces, watching cable news drivel, and going after people with different opinions is simply distracting.

The same could be said for the NFL season, a reality TV show competition, or whatever lackluster novel is the next hot thing. If something is taking your attention and focus off of what matters most, it's a distraction. Sure, one man's distraction is another's man's passion, but you need to quickly figure out which man you are and then get to work.

This is one of the tougher first decisions that need to be made for the entrepreneur. What leisurely pursuits will you continue while you launch your company? You need more than work to keep you sane, but deciding what keeps you fueled will help you avoid the junk food of media, novelty, and frivolity.

Rest assured, if I were undecided about my vote, I'd watch every barb and aside. But since my decision has been made, I'm moving on. You need to move on to your dream, too.

Sometimes, the first step in starting a business is putting down the remote.

What about you?

What thing are you no longer doing in order to better focus on chasing a dream?

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