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Why Sanctions Just Might Stop the Genocide in Darfur

I know - I've been slacking on my Monday posts about Darfur this spring. That will change next week when school's out for summer.

But this article from the BBC today shows why sanctions just might work in stopping this genocide. I've written about the power of the Chinese influence in stopping the genocide, but now, American sanctions might mean something as well.

This article details the economic boom happening in Khartoum, Sudan's capital, while over 400,000 have been killed in Darfur. By blocking the dollar as a currency of exchange, this boom may not be able to sustain itself, even with China's help.

It's grotesque that the only reason some in Khartoum are becoming upwardly mobile is because of the utter oppression of millions. I'm all for economic growth and sustainability that happens as a result of capitalism done right. But killing innocent people so you can take their land and their chance at prosperity is not capitalism or economics.

It's genocide.

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