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Why You Should Say "No" More

Saying no is tough (it's so hard that I've provided a template before on how you should do it). Saying yes gives us an adrenaline rush, as Tony Schwartz points out in this article. Saying yes is easy, convenient, and makes us feel good. But, it's time we stopped saying yes so much. Each time we overuse it, the value of our yes decreases. We need to say no more - for the sake of our companies, our progress, and our sanity.

Before you go declining every opportunity that comes your way, here are three scenarios in which you should say no:

If the opportunity does not play to a strength of yours, say no.

If someone wanted me to sing at an event, while I may enjoy being on stage, the act of singing (when I do it) has been known to clear a room.

If the opportunity does not align with your company’s strategic goals, say no.

Nothing will get your business off track faster than doing work that is not helping it grow or succeed.

If the opportunity is not mutually beneficial, then say no.

Many times, you’ll get requests to work together or to form an alliance only because the person asking is looking for a free ride. If you get this feeling say no until the other party is willing to put in equal effort to bring about success.

Better yet, before you say yes or no to an opportunity, first pause to ask "Why?" The answer to that question should shape your yes or no more than the request itself.

What tips do you have for saying "No?"

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