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Winter Shirt Sale!

It's getting cold outside, so you may not have much use for short-sleeved shirts at the moment. But, there also not of much use when they're sitting in a tub in Sam's guest bedroom, either.

So why not stock up for the summer right now? Or how about snagging some awesome presents?

We've got an assortment of our short-sleeved and discontinued designs that we're offering to the coolest people out there for a low price.

For just $8.88, you get a cool T-shirt with a wonderful message on it to sport around town or to give away to a friend during this holiday season!

So, for one low price, we can deliver (with free shipping) a positive message and a good looking, 100% right to your doorstep. We've even got some youth sizes, where available.

Here's what we’ve got:

CoolPeopleCare Full Logo T (unisex)

Light blue T with green and blue writing; 50-50 cotton-poly blend
Youth Sizes Available: Large
Adult Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

CoolPeopleCare Tagline T (unisex)
Light gray T with navy writing; 99-1 cotton-poly blend
Adult Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large

CoolPeopleCare Baby T (female)
Pink T with brown writing; 100% preshrunk cotton
Adult Sizes Available: Small, Medium
Small cut alert: order about two sizes larger than you normally would

R U Cool T (unisex)
Dark gray T with white writing; CPC Logo on back; 100% preshrunk cotton
Youth Sizes Available: Large
Adult Sizes Available: Small

And, if you want long-sleeved shirts, coffee, tote bags, or a copy of our new book, check out our awesome, enhanced, state-of-the-art, amazing, incredible, flawless, legendary, and unbelievable new store.
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