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Yes, I Do Watch TV Sometimes

When I watch TV, I'm really a fan of good writing. I feel that this is what makes The Office, My Name is Earl, Scrubs, and 30 Rock such good comedy.

That and no laugh track.

Likewise, this is what makes Lost once again the absolute best show on TV. I finally watched the finale yesterday and now wish I hadn't deleted it afterwards. I want to watch it again right now. Just when you think you know a little bit of what's going, just when you don't care about an old van, just when you wish something would happen, the writers string together one heck of a series, season and show that makes you wait for February 2008 more than you're waiting for Christmas.

Now that all the season finales have aired for now, my sights are set to summer TV. Because I have a sweet DVR, here's what I'll be taping this summer:

  • The Real Deal on TLC - I love this real estate company. I'm fascinated by entrepreneurs, and Richard Davis is the posterchild for those who have a dream and will work their tail off to make it a reality. In capitalism, risk and reward are often directly related. There's also a difference between starting a business and running one.
  • Intervention on A&E - This glimpse into someone struggling with addiction is well done. The humanity of each individual is at the forefront of the show, as is the importance of relationships in anyone's life. Not every ending is happy.
  • On the Lot on Fox - No one does reality like Fox. If I could, I'd be a filmmaker, so I have enjoyed the first two episodes of this show. I hope we get to see more of the actual films being made than people yelling at each other. I think that creativity will ultimately win out.
  • Traveler on ABC - My initial fear is that this would be a better movie than a show, but I'll give it a shot. I was drawn in by the storyline of three pals trying to trek across the country. But I'll stay for the mystery.

Other than this, I'll be taking in my fair share of baseball, Modern Marvels, and a variety of Sunday afternoon programming that induces a nice nap.