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You Can Be the Best in the World

You can’t be the best in the world at everything, but you can be the best in the world at something.

You see this guy? 

That’s Robert Jensen and he’s the best in the world at cleaning up after plane crashes (and other major disasters). Sure; it’s not rosy or happy and nothing any of us can major in at college, but he’s the best. And he’s found work that is both lucrative and fulfilling. 

Parents tell kids that they “can be anything they want to be” when they grow up. And while that’s nice to say, very rarely does it become reality. Once I learned I couldn’t hit a curveball in high school, I had to give up on the idea of becoming a Major League baseball player. 

And thankfully so. While I’m not the best anything in the world yet, I’m pretty damn good at a few things professionally (and getting better). And I bet you are, too. 

When you become the best in the world, it’s inevitable that you’ll make money. And I bet with your success (financially and reputation-wise), you’ll find some happiness, too (but be careful - these aren’t always related). You just have to be ready to dig in and focus on becoming the best.

That road won’t be speedy or easy, but the upside is that the choice is entirely yours. With so many industries and careers that didn’t even exist during your formative childhood years, just think of all you can be now!

Don’t be average at someone else’s dream or path. Be the best at yours.

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