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You're not empty. You're just waiting.

I did some rearranging over the weekend at the house (thanks to my wife, mom, daughter, and sister for the extra sets of hands). As I was moving things I came across this collection of vases:

They're empty now, but not for long. Spring is springing in these parts and soon our yard will be flush with hydrangeas and other colorful blooms.

Of course, if I'm just judging them on their performance and usefulness at a single point in time - March 21, 2015 - these things are useless. They're empty. Nothing for them to hold. Just taking up space. Not offering much. An eyesore. Boring.

But they weren't born to be empty. And soon they'll be full. They're just waiting.

I think maybe you are, too. You may be in a season of empty right now. But not for long. Just wait. Your spring is coming and you'll be full again.

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