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#005: Hustle Should Be Hidden

You’ve all seen it (maybe you’ve even done it).

You’re busy at work and the big idea you get next is to tell everyone how busy you are. How much you’re hustling. Everything you’re up to.

If a person is hustling but they don’t tweet about it, are they really hustling?

Actually, yes. In fact, they’re probably actually hustling even morewhen they’re not stopping to Instagram it.

What this means for you as leaders is that you need to get to work and then shut up about it. Leadership, after all, doesn’t look like hustle. Sometimes it looks like stress. Empathy. Understanding. Dreaming. Trying. Crying. Understanding. Hoping. Building. Rebuilding. Rebuilding (again).

So, leaders, please spare us and your team stories and photos of how busy you are. It’s not productive and it’s not a sign of leadership with heart, mind, or soul.

Enough with the hustle hashtags. Please just get to work.

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