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#006: For the First Time

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

As leaders, the temptation creeps in to just do the things we’re good at, which often means doing things we’ve already done before. This is important, certainly, but do it too much and you’ll stagnate and plateau. Eventually, then, your leadership will stop.

As a leader, you must find time to do something new, even if it feels awkward, unsafe, or odd. You need to be in a place of learning and trying. Otherwise, you’ll never again be in a place of growth.

And a leader who isn’t growing isn’t one worth following.

Take up a new skill. Try learning a new language. Manage your people with a new mindset. Read a new book. Pick up a brand new hobby. Dare to improve your performance in a critical area by flexing a new mental muscle.

Do something for the first time. You’ll feel dumb. But that’s the only way to get to a place of mastery and intelligence.

(I was inspired to write this after reading this article on LinkedIn.)

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