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#031: Don't Be Better; Be Measured

A common myth of self or organizational improvement is that we just need to be better.

Be a better manager.
Be a better teammate.
Be better at eating.
Be a better girlfriend.
Be better at saving money.
Be better at sales.
Be a better painter.
Be a better roommate.

The only want to get better is to get measuring. Otherwise, you won't know if and how you're improving.

"Be a better salesperson" turns into "Generate 10 new leads a week and close 80% of them within the sales cycle."

"Be a better leader" turns into "Check in with my team once a week to see what resources or ideas I can supply them to do their jobs well."

"Be a better friend" turns into "Call one different person each week to have a meaningful conversation."

Until you start to measure it, it won't matter all that much. 

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