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#032: Stop with the Judgement

The quickest way to isolate someone or some idea is to pass judgement on it. And we usually do this when we fear something. Forgive us for this collective, corporate sin.

You're scared of having to learn new marketing tactics to compete in a changing world? Judge social media users as narcissists who just take pictures of their food all the time.

You're scared of enhanced competition due to a global marketplace? Judge upstarts and newbies as inferior players who don't know what they're doing.

You're scared of the extra work you'll need to put in to reach a goal? Judge your boss as egotistical, mean, and out of touch. 

And while performance reviews and productivity have a place in our workplace, please, please, please, stop judging your people. They know when it's happening and this leads to isolation, which then leads to underperformance, malaise, and toxicity. If someone isn't doing as well as you'd like, don't judge them. Help them.

You job as a leader isn't to judge. It's to help.

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