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525,600 Minutes

What could you learn in a year? Sadly, many of us will never know because a year seems like a very long time

Nevermind that it's probably just 1/80th of our life. Nevermind that the lessons that come in a year's time can last a lifetime. Nevermind that 365 days worth of commitment could forever alter the trajectory of how we're living. 

But the power of a year of deliberate action is unmistakeable. Tomorrow will mark one full year since I began this Daily Dose series. I've gone an entire 12 months making sure there is a fresh post ready for you each and every day.

And I've learned a lot. Tomorrow I'll share more, but I bet the past year has flown by for you and I hope you've learned something, either from me or someone else. But most of all, I hope you'll make the small but crucial commitment of a year in your own life and then have the luxury to evaluate all the good that can come from it.