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Leadership Does

Now that I've been at this a year, it's time to do something with what I've learned. Knowledge, after all, is just trivia if it's not applied.

So I'm writing a book. I'm taking the best of these Daily Doses, adding in some other ideas I've been mulling over this past year, and packaging it all into a book, Leadership Does

This will be a book about action, not theory. It's a book for anyone who's ready to lead. It's a book that proves you don't have to get elected to lead; you just have to be willing to take the action needed to make a difference.

So, you may notice some programming changes around here. For example, this is your first "Daily Dose of Does." These daily thoughts will keep coming your way, but the majority of them will now be focused on helping you get in gear and take the action needed to help others, lead well, and make an impact.

Next week, I'll be rebooting my podcast called - you guessed - The Leadership Does podcast.

And, I plan on writing this book in a very public way. There will be points where I'd like your input. I'll be taking the action needed to get this and the end goal will be - I hope - a book that's useful to you, enjoyable to read, and meaningful in its application.

Thanks for journeying with me this far. We've come a long way, but there's still so much awesome stuff on the horizon.