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A High Five Away From Remarkable

Added on by Sam Davidson.

My mom relays this story on her blog:

As I was checking out at Target, the clerk was very nice. He scanned my stuff, I scanned my card, we exchanged pleasantries, and I was gone. A few hours later, I drove to Starbucks and ordered my usual. When I pulled up to the window, the guy at the window said, "Today's high five day," and we high fived. He then commented that my shirt matched my car and I agreed. I got my drink, and drove off.

Which guy made the impact on my life? The high-fiver. He put a little effort into our meeting, and it boosted my spirits. I see how just the little things can make a difference to someone. Just that little effort made a personal connection that brought a smile to my face.

For me, this story conveys the following truths about being remarkable:

  • It sometimes only takes a very short step (a high-five) to be remarkable.
  • The most remarkable thing you can do is hire the right people. Anyone can learn to make a latte, but not everyone has it in them to deem it 'High Five Day' to total strangers.
  • Being remarkable means people tell stories about you, and then people tell stories about those stories.
  • You must never quit trying to be remarkable. Starbucks could have quit a long time ago, given their market share and overall brand awareness. But they continue to offer a great experience, which has always been their aim.

What small thing can you do today to be remarkable?

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