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'Too' Is the New 'No'

The default answer is always no. To get someone to say yes, usually, you've got to give them more than enough reasons why saying yes will be better, and even easier, than saying no.

But lately, I've been surprised by the amount of people who use 'too' as the default excuse. It seems as though 'too' has become easier to say than 'no.'

  • It's too hot to go outside. (So I'll stay in and miss the chance to enjoy nature.)
  • We're too small to get a meeting with them. (So I won't even call and miss the chance to make the deal of a lifetime.)
  • It takes too long to get their business. (So I won't bother and miss the chance to get a great customer.)
  • It's too hard to get someone to donate money. (So I won't ask and miss the chance at recruiting a loyal donor.)
  • It's too far to the polling place. (So I won't vote and miss the chance at getting a say in the political system.)
  • The budget's too tight to ask for a raise. (So I won't request it and miss the chance at some extra cash for the nest egg.)
  • It costs too much to be sustainable. (So I won't change my practices and miss the chance at saving the earth.)

When we say 'too,' we're really saying 'no.' But it doesn't feel like a 'no' if we don't say 'no.' So we say 'too.'

It may make us feel better, but it doesn't make a difference, and it doesn't get us any closer to remarkable. If you find yourself saying 'too' a lot, press on anyway. Often times, we close doors that were wide open just because we're nervous about what's on the other side.