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Asset or Liability? (Video post)

I'm starting to talk about social media more and more. Whether I'm presenting to nonprofits on what it is and how they can reach Generation Y with it, or I'm lecturing to future ministers about it, it's taking more and more of my time.

And all this is fine with me. Because I'm developing a reputation, and that reputation can get me on TV, which (hopefully) grows my personal brand as someone who can help people understand and use these tools to make the world a better place.

One thing I'm learning in all of this is that people have a particular outlook that has a direct effect on how willing they are to use these tools. And for me, people consider social media to either be an asset or a liability.

Want proof? Watch this video of my recent appearance at a call-in show here in Nashville. I see social media as an asset - something to be used or leveraged in order to create value. The other participant views it as a liability - something to be used sparingly and carefully, unless you want to have a mess on your hands.

Most nonprofits I speak with initially view social media as a liability. They're immediately concerned with privacy issues and control. But, those who are willing to give it a shot usually see it as a huge asset in their donor and volunteer acquisition and retention strategies.

The moral of the story? Be brave and give it a try. You might just be delighted with what happens next.

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