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Let Me Tell You a Different Story

I recently listened to a sermon and noticed the preacher was using lots of stories and analogies, but they were all about sports. While most were interesting, he probably lost the bulk of his audience that didn't care for MMA, weight lifting, or basketball. 

Whether you're speaking to a congregation, a conference, or a committee, make sure you're telling great stories, and make sure your stories offer a nice variety in setting, circumstance, and outcome.  

Don't use all movie references. Don't let every story have a happy ending. Don't use all male protagonists, and don't make all of your stories about you. 

Seek out great stories, wherever they may be found. Borrow from the worlds of art and business alike. Use tales from grade school and grad school, saints and sinners. 

Bringing new stories to the table will make your listeners sit up and pay attention. It'll also make you realize how big and bold our world is and how many great stories are just waiting to be told.