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Behind the Scenes at Austin Fresh Roast

This story could begin in a lot of places.

It could begin with an initial phone call once I sampled some of the beans from the newly formed Austin Fresh Roast (AFR). Or it could begin before that, somewhere at Baylor when Lynnette met Shanna. Or could begin somewhere in between when Jack met Shanna. Or maybe somewhere after all that when a group gathered at my house to sample some coffee and decide on a blend.

At any rate, here goes.

Austin Fresh Roast was started by Jack and Shanna Bauer, two wonderful people who want to save the world. Jack loves coffee and Shanna cares about water. And, since coffee is basically water that has been run through grounded beans, the two seem like a perfect match, right?

Shanna was also the college roommate of my wife, Lynnette, so there's that connection.

Committed to "roasting the best coffee they can create," AFR began just a few short years ago and now offers 12 different blends from all over the world. And, just for CoolPeopleCare, they roast a fairly traded blend so that you can be as bold as your coffee today.

You can learn all about Austin Fresh Roast and order some delicious coffee by checking out their Web site. Or, you can read chapter four of New Day Revolution, where we tell Jack's story about wanting to eventually sell enough coffee to give away all of his profits.

There's a lot of humanity behind everything we do and sell at CoolPeopleCare, so we want to make sure you know about what we do and how we do it. In fact, here's the roaster that makes those beans so delicious:

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