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Brunch Review: Germantown Cafe

Each Sunday at 10:30, my family eats brunch together. I enjoy it because we can catch up, laugh together, and get some quality eats.

Because I only live a block or so away, I've been to the Cafe more than a few times. But, I always try to get something different each time.

Today, I had a cup of coffee (standard) and the Crab Cakes Benedict. The cakes were a bit spicy, which was nice. I tried to get a bit of egg, crab and bagel in each bite. The hashbrowns were a worthy side. It was a big breakfast in the sense that it was a lot to each, but not that I had to be pushed back to my house in a stroller. For $12.99, it's a fair price. And, the complimentary bread is a delicious, warm, fluffy cinnamon delight.

The menu overall is pretty sparse, but what they serve is unique and worth a trip.