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I Watched a Movie: Garden State

Yeah, I know it came out like three years ago, but it was on yesterday, and it just seemed like a good film to watch while the rain drizzled and the breeze was coming into my living room.

Zach Braff is talented.

This movie could have very easily gone straight down the crapper (like Lost in Translation) and made me do one of two things:

  1. Get so bored I turned it off
  2. Not cared about any of the characters because they just sat around and lived a crappy life

But it didn't. I do think the movie should have ended on top of the bulldozer, but taking it to the airport didn't ruin it.

This movie is full of great quotes (due to Braff's good writing), but the best was Largeman's quote at the end. His opening up to Sam was a quality scene.

Go ahead and spend two hours with this. You'll either be depressed or hopeful, but it's worth the risk.