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Can You Begin Again?

If you stay 75 nights in a year with Marriott Hotels, you'll earn Platinum status.

Rack up 25 flights or 35,000 points on Southwest and you'll be A-List.

Delta will give you Gold Medallion status if you accumulate 50,000 miles or 60 flight segments in a year.

Rent 20 times or more from Hertz in a year and you'll be President's Circle.

But you need to do it all before the clock strikes midnight on New Year's. That's when it starts all over.

I traveled a lot this year. And because of that, I earned some decent perks. But in a few weeks, I start it all over. 

This is how it works, and has for a while, of course. But a lot of us may be starting over in other areas on January 1. Or maybe sooner. 

Travel loyalty programs work on a calendar year because it's just easier to track that way. But your business or life may not. Starting over can happen at any time. Rebooting, retooling, and reimagining might be exercises you're in the midst of right now, or they may blindside you randomly on an October night. Sometimes, we don't control the timeline.

But we can control the work.

It's easy to say we'll begin again when the year does, too.

But are you courageous enough to begin when you need to? When you absolutely have to so that you go forward from this moment on into the best tomorrow possible?

Will you begin again? 

You must.

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