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Weekend Assignments - December 13, 2014

Dig in with these three delicious reads. Then think about all you have to do in the next 18 days until the year ends (but hopefully not the world).

The Most Inspiring Cities in the World
GOOD has ranked 50 cities for their creativity, diversity, engagement, and a whole host of other factors. Dive into the finalists and see if you agree with their rankings.

Just Two Things
Research shows that successful relationships really boil down to two things. Are these present in your relationship?

You Don't Succeed
If your idea hasn't panned out, don't worry. Maybe one day you'll be on a list like this, chronicling some of the biggest things that never quite caught on.

If you've got something worth reading, share below (or hit reply via email). I'd love to take a look. Enjoy your weekend. Or don't. Totally your call.

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