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Getting Both Feet Wet

On our recent trip to Orlando, we tried to take my daughter to the pool. Well, we did take her to the pool, but she wasn't as excited about it as we hope she would be. She loves bathtime. But the pool? No dice.

The water was warm enough. She was surrounded by family who were supportive and coaxing her in. But there was no way she was going to get in the water. She wanted to be eased in.

That's how we all like it, I think. The universe is lining up around us to tell us what to do. Coincidences, signs, fate, opportunity, even fortune cookies - they're all telling us something but we refuse to hear with both ears and jump into the deep end of our destiny.

We protest. We question. We keep our guard up and don't want to trust too easily. We don't want to seem too fool-hardy and be that person that when people see us they say, "See him? He thought he could write/act/start a business/go back to school/make his dreams come true. As if."

Sure, that's the downside. And you could play it safe so people don't say that about you. But getting both feet wet in the refreshing waters of chasing your dreams is the only way they'll say, "See her? She thought she could write/act/start a business/go back to school/make her dreams come true. And she did. I'm jealous."

How many signs from the universe do you need before you leap?

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