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I Punched a Guy

Today, at work, our meeting was wrapping up. It had gone on for a few hours, as expected. But, near the end, things got out of hand.

It was business as usual, but before I knew it, the one guy upset another one of my colleagues. I don't stand for crap like that, so I leaped across the table at him. I kicked his laptop out of the way and landed one right on his jaw.

In an instant, the entire boardroom was in an uproar. The guy I share a cubicle with kicked the old lady from marketing in the stomach and ripped out a chunk of her gray hair. Steve, from development, elbowed Bill, from logistics, in the groin. Martha, the receptionist, cussed at Eddie, from sales, before she threw a stapler at him.

After the mayhem subsided, my tie was ripped and one of Steve's cuff links was stuck in Martha's nose. But, it's cool, we only have to stay home from work for a few weeks. We weren't even fired!

Besides, I was "Just protecting my family, protecting my team."

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