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In Philly

We arrived at the airport 90 minutes before our domestic flight. The line to check backs was extremely long, as was the security checkpoint line. But, after we checked our small weekend bag and took off our belts and shoes, we made it on the plane. With our toothpaste and deodorant tucked safely in the purple underbelly of our Southwest plane, we had an uneventful flight to Philadelphia.

It is overcast and spitting rain now (thanks, Ernesto). We walked around a lot of the downtown area, ate lunch (with authentic cheesesteaks and Philly beer), and then saw the bell and the Constitution. We're waiting on the rest of the rain right now, and will probably lay tow tonight. Tomorrow will take us to the trendy South Street area, and perhaps shopping in Warehouse Row. Should be a good one. Here are some shots from today:

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