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Philly Recap

Overall, the weekend was a smash hit. We loved the history of the city, the user-friendliness of things like transportation and museums, and the unique atmosphere. But, one thing I always look forward to when exploring a new city are the eateries. And while Philadelphia has its share of one-of-a-kind joints, our overall culinary experience left us not so full.

Instead of recounting our experiences with the barista, the hostess, the disappearing tab (kind of a good thing, actually), the disappearing wait staff (never a good thing), or the confused delivery guy, I’ll give you the highlights and you can fly to Pilly and live the dream yourself.

  1. Cuba Libre – Great food, atmosphere and service. Sure, we traveled north to eat a Cuban sandwich, but we also has some authentic churros and chocolate, which, along with the Spanish courtyard, made us feel like we were somewhat close to Havana. The sandwich was more than enough, and Lynnette’s chicken had a unique taste that makes you remember it (in a good way).
  2. Bridgette Foy’s – Delicious food, friendly folks, and an ability to soak in the atmosphere. Our last morning in Philadelphia had us wandering down to South Street, Philly’s hip and trendy poster child. We loved seeing the narrow row houses with their own flair, along with the specialty shops and restaurants that corporate America hasn’t elbowed out just yet. We chose Bridgette Foy’s for our brunch and I couldn’t finish my stuffed French toast (but the fresh fruit was awesome). They let us kill some time on their outdoor dining area (we were waiting for a T-shirt shop to open), and we watched the cornucopia of humanity parade by on foot, skateboard, rollerblade, and bike. It was a good morning.

We also took some more pictures, rode the ducks, and walked all over the city.

I enjoy places like Philadelphia because this is where stuff happened. While DC has the museums and the political blah, declarations and constitutions were actually signed where I stood. Ben Franklin invented crap and went to the bathroom near the cobblestones I walked over. Like Boston, Philadelphia is so rich that the history really does seem to be living. In Washington, they’ve put everything behind a glass case and tell you a story. Not as cool.

And, in closing, I have to again reiterate the phenomenon that is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It ranks up there on my list of “Things That I’ve Done That I Think Everyone Else Should Do.” I haven’t finalized that list (I can only hope to add to it). Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • Make a long-term commitment and stick to it
  • Start something
  • See the Grand Canyon in person
  • March and rally for a cause on the mall in DC
  • Spend a week in Patagonia with someone you like
  • Get lost in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Until November (Thanksgiving in NYC), I’m your tour guide, and I’m out.

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