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It's Finally Christmas

For some, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving as they shop early. For others, it begins whenever the tree gets up and the presents get wrapped, which very well could be Christmas Eve.

Growing up, for my wife, it was December 2. Her mom didn't get out any decorations until the day after her birthday. I thought this was a tradition worth continuing until a few weeks ago when I came home and Lynnette was busy decking out the house and it was still November (but after turkey day).

But for me, Christmas begins tonight. It has nothing to do with the date (December 13) and everything to do with an event. Tonight is the annual Andrew Peterson Christmas Concert at the Ryman.

So, even though I've been listening to Christmas music as soon as it came on the radio, and even though I've been thinking about what to buy who, and even though I know very well that Christmas is not my birthday (it's five days latr), Christmas begins tonight at 7:30.

This is always a fun and relaxing way to hear some good tunes from some talented artists in the best live music venue in Nashville (in my opinion). For a few hours, I'm treated to the Christmas story through song. And, whether you think it's literal fact, completely made up, or just a good story, when you hear the narrative from the skilled voices and talents of Peterson, Jill Phillips, Sara Groves, Bebo Norman, Andrew Osenga and others, you feel like you get a bit of a glimpse of what it could have been like.

If you can't make it out, I highly recommend the soundtrack. Or, you can meet me at Edgehill Studios, where I'm waiting for Lynnette to get out of class, and watch a guy jump around inside a big plastic ball.

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