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Yes, They Do

For most of us, they were the first people that we knew cared.

From birth, our moms taught us how to be nice, how to behave, and ultimately, how to be better people. We learned a lot from them (most of it good). But, above all, we knew that our moms cared.

This is, after all, why Stephen and I dedicated our book to our mothers.

And, some of our biggest fans from the start of the journey known as CoolPeopleCare have been parents. Because if you want to make the world a better place, you might as well want to make it a better place for your kids.

And now you can do it with your kids.

Today, we announce the launch of CoolMomsCare.org – the online resource for parents who want to make a difference with their families.

You'll find the same kind of ideas and inspiration you've grown to love for the past year on CoolPeopleCare. We've got daily, 99-word tips on how you can make a difference and instill values of caring and change among the next generation.

Take a look, find family-friendly events near you, and bring the revolution home.

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