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Jen Lemen in All Her Awesomeness

Jen Lemen's was one of the first blogs I read, mainly because my wife told me to. As such, it's one I've read ever since I started and I have been excited to follow her anonymously for a while.

So, when she started putting her wonderful art and other items out there for people to buy, I immediately admired what she was producing, even though I wasn't in the market for some candles or one of her zines (but Lynnette sure was).

But I couldn't shake the feeling that there was some sort of mutually beneficial partnership out there.

When Lynnette told me I should contact her, I finally did. And, I'm happy to say, that Jen Lemen is every bit as nice as you'd imagine. Whether you've met her or not, if you've read her posts about wholeness and being, it's clear from our talks on the phone that she lives out what she inspires.

And so, after a few phone calls and emails, I'm happy to present the first Jen Lemen-CoolPeopleCare joint project: The Today is a New Day Poster.

This poster has been over a year in the making, even though Jen has only put paintbrush to paper within the last month. Last year, I wrote 99 words about the ability of all of us to make a positive difference with our day. I sent them on to Jen and she was inspired enough to dream and develop the incredible artwork you see below.

Yes, you can own a piece of this 11"x17" poster for just $15. Until the end of the week, you can preorder the print and get free shipping. After that, standard shipping fees will apply.

This poster is better than I ever imagined. And now, I can officially say that I know Jen Lemen.

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