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Light Wins!

Last night, the story participated in a worship experience called Dark/Light. Lynnette led us in thoughtful reflection about the power light has over darkness. The personification of light for Christians is Jesus, whose light was the life of all people.

I am always impressed with the power of light. It’s something we rarely pay attention to, except when we walk out of a movie theater at 3:15 in the afternoon and stumble around as if in some foreign land. Complete and utter darkness is rare in our technological world, where ambient light from streetlamps or alarm clocks allows us to make out familiar shapes as we tiptoe to the bathroom at 3:15 in the morning.

But, if you’ve been camping or caving and are faced with the situation of being unable to see your hand in front of your face, you know the immense power of a small match. A tiny spark breathes life into a dead night, and faces around the campfire can be recognized. A little light has the power to brighten an entire room.

It is not so with darkness. Were there such thing as a ‘dark match’ or a ‘flashdark’ (as opposed to a flashlight), It could not have the same effect. Darkness is only good when it monopolizes and envelops. Light can be a minority and still break through.

This is why I believe in the good. This is why I believe in beauty. Even though this world sucks a lot, and bad things happen, and people take advantage of others, I still believe in the power of singular and dedicated individuals and groups to turn the tide and become beacons of hope.

Like candlelight vigils fills the night with light and hope, so am I filled with possibility that things will get better. I believe that light wins, here and in the end.

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