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More Thoughts on Systemic Change

The Washington Post has an article today about the Gates Foundation, and how their recent donation is trying to also entice funds and legislation in DC.

The nonprofit sector is a fascinating one for me to study, particularly when it comes to notions of policy and systemic change. As I recently mentioned, charity is only a start (and a great one) for most people. But if we're really going to bring down walls of inequality, we need to fight for justice, and this often means that we need to organize and share power.

And it could mean we need to use this power to influence those making the laws and signing the checks.

Gates and Buffet donate more money that I'll earn in twelve lifetimes, but they can't do it alone. Often, the system needs changing. Robert Egger knows the power of politics, and is spearheading a campaign to organize nonprofits to fight for the legislation that makes them and those they serve better off.

We can hand out free meals, but if housing isn't affordable, people still won't have a place to sleep at night, even if their stomachs are full. We can mail mosquito nets to Africa, but if corrupt governments oppress families, no net is strong enough.