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My Thoughts on Live Earth

I've been watching a bit of the Live Earth concerts on the Music HD Channel. It's pretty awesome. Here we have some of the best musical acts on earth, strutting their stuff on every continent in order to raise awareness about what we're doing to our world.

But is this accomplishing anything? I mean, other than me nodding my head in rhythm with Genesis, Jack Johnson, James Blount, and Rihanna?

I'd like to think so. Much like the ONE concerts a few years ago, whenever superstars get together and do something, people talk about it. And I believe that getting people talking (and thinking) is the first step towards change.

However, if people just leave the concerts and turn off their TVs and everything is back to normal on July 8, then it will be like nothing ever happened.

Reportedly, 2 billion people will be watching and listening to these shows around the world. Awesome. The trick is to get these 2 billion people each to:

  • Change a light bulb to a CFL model
  • Eat one local meal a week
  • Change their thermostat 2 degrees
  • Combine trips when driving
  • Unplug their cell phone charger when not in use

If these concerts get 2 billion people to each do those 5 things, we'll have a revolution on our hands - much more so than if Madonna, Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West play some songs.