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A Remarkable Mayor

I'm voting for Briley.

But if I weren't, I'd change my vote. No other candidate in this election is as smart as Briley is.

And I'm not talking about having cool commercials or being politically slick. Spend a half hour (you can do it - just skip that Fresh Prince rerun) on Briley's YouTube channel and watch some footage of him at community forums and meetings. His answers are exactly what Nashville needs going forward.

There is no shortage of political leadership that is clueless. Most of us who grew up watching TV have forgotten what it's like to see intelligent people talk intelligently about anything. Briley is a refreshing option for a Nashville that stands at a crucial crossroads between becoming its own great city. It can become as unique as Portland, Denver or Austin. Or it can become just another Atlanta, St. Louis, or Detroit.

Watch the videos and listen to the answers. You'll be impressed.