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Opportunity and Destiny

Added on by Sam Davidson.

Chances are good that if a grocery store is near the beach, in addition to selling milk and eggs, the store will also carry an array of straw hats, water wings, and maybe even tanning lotion. You may not find such a selection in North Dakota come Christmas. 

This is an example of an entity taking advantage of an opportunity instead of controlling its destiny. 

Yes, it's convenient to the shopper to get everything in one place, but being top of mind for last-minute beachwear may cost that store being top of mind for the best cheese selection or for its fantastic cuts of meat. 

Not every opportunity is your destiny. 

But, choose too many of them and you'll make a destiny out of chasing what's next instead of chasing what's best.

This doesn't just apply to what your business does. It applies to your career, who you recruit for your board or fraternity, and the kind of person you want to end up with. 

Choose wisely. Your next pick could be your last.