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Pictures Don't Last Longer

I'm not so sure that whipping out your cell phone at every meal and concert allows the experience to last longer. The grainy photo that will live in your Twitter feed for a half a day seems like a shallow way to commemorate a memory.

I wonder if the better way to make something last longer - a conversation, an event, a relationship, a memory - is to savor it more. To fully embrace the moment by resisting the urge to point and tap.

Next time, sing louder at the concert, ask a deeper question over dinner, taste the drink fully by rolling the liquid over your tongue again, stare lovingly at your partner, ride the roller coaster again and scream even more.

Live deeply in that moment and I bet you'll create a permanent fixture in your mind and heart, something that lives longer than your sepia-toned square reminder you took 15 minutes to perfect.