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Do the Tools Matter?

Last week, I tried my best to cook dinner while on vacation. But, the pots and pans at the rental house weren't what I'm used to at home where my cookware is a bit better. And while I'm no master chef and the meal was satisfactory, I knew there was a difference caused by the tools at my disposal. 

On the other hand, here's what happens when a a BMX rider does tricks on a rented communal bike. He's still pretty awesome. 

Great tools can elevate mediocre talent, for sure. Equip someone decent with the best brands or aids and they'll become a lot better.  

But the crucible of talent is what you can produce when you don't have the best gear or resources at your disposal. Let's see what mettle you can muster when the pressure is on because a deadline is looming, people are fleeing for the exits, or the next new thing is screaming for attention.  

Anyone can use great to make more great. But the best leaders and managers turn good into great with whatever is before them. 

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