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Pics With Sam (#picswithsam)

Added on by Sam Davidson.

I started a new thing this year. Yeah, I start stuff (that’s kind of my thing, I think), but this one is personal and fun. 

Whenever I have a meal or drink with someone and share a great conversation, I snap a picture and post it on Instagram with the tag #picswithsam.

This is how I’m tracking stories and memories this year. I’m wanting to dive deeper in my chats with people and want to acknowledge the time they offer me so we can catch up or chase an idea together. 

A few requirements:

  • I have to already know you. No pictures at our first meeting together.
  • We gotta eat or drink something. Otherwise, why are we getting together? 

It’s playful, but it’s meaningful. The best things usually are. 

What are you doing this year to play? To commemorate? To remember?

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