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Leadership Motivates (podcast)

The Leadership Does podcast has a fresh new episode, interview style! 

I had the chance to chat with T.J. Sullivan, author, CEO, and speaker.

T.J. has written Motivating the Middle , an in-depth look at how one task of a leader is to motivate groups within an organization in a relevant, meaningful way. And while most of his context is on a college campus, I think the principles T.J. and I discuss can be applied in nearly any setting, whether in a company, for a nonprofit, or out in the community. 

The key takeaway of this episode is the idea that in order to motivate, leadership needs to be willing to re-examine how meetings happen, what commitments are being asked of members, and what engagement looks like. In the end, this kind of customization can result in a healthier organization that can accomplish great things. 

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