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Interview with Jeff Simmons (podcast)

What lessons can be learned from growing a church from 15 people to 1,000 people in less than a decade? How does one's role as a leader change when that much growth happens? And why should organizations seek to help and serve others?

These weighty questions are ones that Jeff Simmons was patient enough to answer during the latest episode of The Cannonball Podcast.

You may remember Jeff - I wrote about him and Jay-Z a while ago. Jeff is a friend, mentor, role model, and sometimes golf buddy. And what he shares about his leadership journey is applicable in nearly any situation. So listen up.

Here's some of what we covered:

  • What it looks like to grow something from nothing
  • Why leaders should seek the wisdom and input from others who have traveled a similar journey before you
  • How leadership changes over time
  • Why leaders need to cast a vision in order to inspire others to reach their own leadership potential
  • Why great leaders truly change the lives of others
  • Valuable advice for student or new leaders

So, give it a listen (subscribe via iTunes here).

And, if you want more info on Jeff or Rolling Hills Community Church, check out these links: