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Leadership Lesson #9: Strong Opinions

The leader's ability to change things is in direct proportion to the strength of his or her opinions.

Do you want to know how to never offend anyone? Curious about how to never be questioned or criticized? It's easy - just have no opinions.

Of course, this is also the pathway to getting nothing meaningful done.

I've found that leaders who are able to inspire, captivate, and motivate others to accomplish some great big goal are those who have a strong opinion about how and why to get there. These leaders cast a vision and lay out a compelling reason as to why this vision needs to become a reality.

This may ruffle some feathers. This vision may be bold and cause those who are lazy to ridicule or dismiss it. When that happens, know that your opinions are finally strong enough and that your vision finally matters.

Don't back away from these moments. Continue to have a well-formed and worthwhile opinion about the way the world should be and then work hard to make it so.