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Leadership Stands Up (podcast)

In the latest episode of the Leadership Does podcast, I get to speak with Mike Dilbeck, founder and president of the Response Ability Project

Mike is also a speaker, reaching students and adults all over the country with the idea that any of us can be an everyday hero. He and I talked about how leadership means you can't be a bystander when the opportunity presents itself to act.  

In the episode, Mike shares some inspiring stories from his work and travels and also describes how all of this came to be. I think you'll enjoy his take on leadership, action, and making a difference. 

And, here is some more info on Mike:

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Leadership Motivates (podcast)

The Leadership Does podcast has a fresh new episode, interview style! 

I had the chance to chat with T.J. Sullivan, author, CEO, and speaker.

T.J. has written Motivating the Middle , an in-depth look at how one task of a leader is to motivate groups within an organization in a relevant, meaningful way. And while most of his context is on a college campus, I think the principles T.J. and I discuss can be applied in nearly any setting, whether in a company, for a nonprofit, or out in the community. 

The key takeaway of this episode is the idea that in order to motivate, leadership needs to be willing to re-examine how meetings happen, what commitments are being asked of members, and what engagement looks like. In the end, this kind of customization can result in a healthier organization that can accomplish great things. 

And, to learn more about T.J., check out: 

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Leadership Walks

Welcome to the second episode of my newly revamped podcast! Today, I'm discussing why leadership walks.

Our leadership must be active if we're to have an impact on others, but we also must make sure to travel at the appropriate pace. Too quickly and we wear out; too slowly and others get bored.

Above all, leadership walks because I've found that walking allows appropriate time and attention for detailed and meaningful reflection. And reflection is a key discipline for any successful leader.

And, be sure to check out this link from TED I mention in the podcast, about five thinkers who swore by walking meetings.

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Be sure to pay attention to this episode - I share how I make toast.

New Podcast Title and Focus

Over the last month, I've had a chance to regroup and take an earnest look at my podcast. With 15 episodes under my belt, I took a month off to determine what I was doing well, what parts were best, and what the next steps should be.

And now, I'm happy to announce that I'm back with a new title: Leadership Does. (I mean, what else would it be, right?)

Each episode will examine something leaders do. I'll try as much as possible to include experts and leaders I admire.

Today's episode is a short one, kicking off this new chapter. Give it a listen below.

I share quotes and ideas from Robert Greenleaf and Seth Godin, both relating to doing the work that's needed (which, in my book, will create a leader out of you).

A quote you may enjoy repeating: "The key differentiation of leadership is not an election; it's an action."

Thanks for listening!

Do Leaders Have to Be Liked? (podcast)

It's a question I get asked a lot: Do leaders have to be liked?

If we're leading our peers (like if you're a student leader), the answer can be tricky. Usually, we were elected because people like us. Will they still like us when we try to lead?

I think that's the wrong question to ask first, and I share what you should be asking yourself in today's podcast (the 15th episode!). I also share other lessons from firefighters. Give it a listen.

As you'll hear, I tackle questions like:

  • Should leaders be liked?
  • How does one lead in the midst of a crisis?
  • Why do leaders need to keep learning?

And, here are a few links I promised:

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Leading Your Peers for a Good Cause (podcast)

The Cannonball Podcast is back! After a week hiatus, I've got a fresh episode for you, recorded on site at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia.

While on campus to keynote a leadership event, I had a chance to talk to students about two key issues facing young leaders:

  • How do you lead your peers - people who are the same age as you?
  • How do you use a cause to grow your organization's overall impact?

It was a great discussion, cut far too short due to my mishandling of the microphone. I'll get better at that, I promise.

Give this week's Cannonball Podcast a listen to learn more about leading your peers and leading anyone towards a positive cause in the world.

As always, be sure to leave a comment with any questions. Or, suggest a future episode topic as well. And don't forget to subscribe to The Cannonball Podcast in iTunes as well.

Interview with Jeff Simmons (podcast)

What lessons can be learned from growing a church from 15 people to 1,000 people in less than a decade? How does one's role as a leader change when that much growth happens? And why should organizations seek to help and serve others?

These weighty questions are ones that Jeff Simmons was patient enough to answer during the latest episode of The Cannonball Podcast.

You may remember Jeff - I wrote about him and Jay-Z a while ago. Jeff is a friend, mentor, role model, and sometimes golf buddy. And what he shares about his leadership journey is applicable in nearly any situation. So listen up.

Here's some of what we covered:

  • What it looks like to grow something from nothing
  • Why leaders should seek the wisdom and input from others who have traveled a similar journey before you
  • How leadership changes over time
  • Why leaders need to cast a vision in order to inspire others to reach their own leadership potential
  • Why great leaders truly change the lives of others
  • Valuable advice for student or new leaders

So, give it a listen (subscribe via iTunes here).

And, if you want more info on Jeff or Rolling Hills Community Church, check out these links:

How to Find Work You Love (podcast)

In today's brand new podcast episode, I spend time interviewing Elizabeth Crook. As you'll hear from our conversation, we cover a lot of ground that is important for entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and anyone curious about changing the world. We tackle ideas and topics like:

  • How to find work you enjoy (or enjoy the work you find)
  • Why work can't be separated from life
  • Why we all need to ackowledge - and not hide - our gifts and talents in order to turn them into a career)
  • The importance of writing down and sharing your personal and professional goals

Give it a listen and I bet you'll learn a lot from Elizabeth. I know I did.

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What Leaders Do With Opportunity (podcast)

The opportunity to lead is a special one; what a person does with it determines not just whether or not he or she will lead, but also what sort of impact that person will have on others.

One person I believe is making the most of opportunities to lead is Nancy VanReece. She was kind enough to chat with me over coffee for the first recorded interview for The Cannonball Podcast. Give it a listen.

What you'll find is an open and interesting conversation about opportunity. A big theme we chased down was how leaders can determine which opportunities are worth taking advantage of and what leaders can do to provide opportunities to others.

During the interview, Nancy said: "Good leadership is providing opportunities for other people." What a great view of servant leadership!

I'm excited to be bringing more interviews to you as part of The Cannonball Podcast. Be sure you subscribe via iTunes to get these delivered to you fresh each Friday.

Thanks for listening!

Leaders Learn (podcast)

I had a fantastic time in Austin, Texas last weekend keynoting the Texas Leadership Summit. That thrill was topped only by getting to speak with students and staff afterwards about why leaders must keep learning in order to be effective.

In short, conferences and other learning opportunities allow the leader a chance not only to learn content and ideas, but to also learn from peers and to learn about oneself. This triple threat is the kind of opportunity that keeps leaders sharp, focused, and leading for maximum impact.

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The Urgency of Leadership (podcast)

Fresh off the mic! This week's podcast was recorded at Northwest Missouri State University, where I keynoted the Bearcat Leadership Training. The theme of the weekend? #YOLO: You Only Lead Once

The big idea? That student leaders often only have one opportunity to lead their peers. Most only get one shot at president, secretary, or committee chair. While this can be a bit stressful, it also provides an opportunity for legacy.

Give this week's episode a lesson. I hear from students and staff about:

  • Why urgency is an opportunity for legacy
  • How students can begin to leave a legacy in a very short time
  • The importance of goals and other members in leading quickly and leading well.

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Why Leadership Requires Creativity (podcast)

Today's podcast comes your way from The College of New Jersey! I was there recently to keynote their Leadership Lockup event, a gathering of student leaders for a day of learning and skill-building before the semester started.

I had a chance to speak with some of the student organizers of the event to discuss why they chose to focus on creativity as a key theme of their event (the place was decked out with Dr. Suess quotes and Cat in the Hat centerpieces). Give today's episode a listen to learn why creativity matters to leaders.

As you heard, creativity helps leaders:

  • Make their organization original
  • Originality helps a student organization to stand out among its peers
  • Such a unique angle generates excitement and commitment from members and followers, which can help ensure long-term success for the organization

As always, you can subscribe to The Cannonball Podcast via iTunes. And, don't hesitate to suggest a show theme or ask a question by commenting below.